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Why Work with Lodestar?

The Power of Simplicity

Taxes, investing, and life are complicated enough. Complex financial solutions often create the illusion of value but don’t serve your best interests. A real pro takes the complex and makes it simple.

Customized & Comprehensive

My advice is as unique as you. The planning process starts where you are in life. It focuses on what matters to you. No model portfolios. No financial plans filled with boilerplate language.


Fiduciary from day one. A flat preset price that is all inclusive. No commissions. No fees based on your investments. No hidden shareholders sitting at the table. No “production” goals set by a branch manager.


To create enduring value for clients by delivering a process and supportive environment for making complex personal and financial decisions over the course of a lifetime.

Would You Like To?


Create Order

We will assess, measure and analyze where you are financially and in life. We will create and follow a process that is customized to your needs and concerns. We will systematically address all areas of your financial life to ensure they work together and in your best interest.
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Unlock Your Imagination

Whether you have a steady income and have accumulated little or have accumulated a lot and would like a steady income, the questions are the same. What do you want your money to do for you, for the people you care about, and for your community?

Build Confidence

When riding a bike, you arrive where you focus and often much faster than you think. Managing your finances follows these same principles. Some years seem to last forever and yet a decade goes by in the blink of an eye. We will set goals, monitor your progress and adjust your plan until you feel confident for anything that may come your way.